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Wristbands and Bracelets

We are professional wristbands and bracelets suppliers in China, mainly engaged in producing various high quality garment accessories. Please feel free to buy best selling wristbands and bracelets at cheap price from our factory.
  • Kids Wristbands

    Kids Wristbands

    Silicone Lovely Kids Wristbands
    Item: Rubber Band Bracelets
    Premium 100% silicone rubber. Printed bands have their imprint on the surface of the band. Available in 6", 7", 8" (average size) and 8 1/4" sizes.

  • Festival Wristbands

    Festival Wristbands

    Wide Silicone Festival Wristbands
    Item: Festival Wristbands
    This wide silicone wristbands are perfect for displaying your logo in a more visible way!

  • Plastic Wristbands

    Plastic Wristbands

    Silk Screened Silicone Plastic Wristbands
    Item: Plastic Wristbands
    Silk Screened Silicone Wrist Bands. Available in Adult, Youth, and Child size Diameter.
    We have every width available from 1/2", 3/4", to 1" Or Custom.

  • Tyvek Wristbands

    Tyvek Wristbands

    Disposable paper Tyvek Wristbands
    Item: Tyvek Wristbands
    These high quality Tyvek event wristbands have tamper-proof features and can be printed with sequential serial numbers.

  • Cheap Wristbands

    Cheap Wristbands

    Customized Silicone Material Cheap Wristbands
    Item: Cheap Wristbands
    The silicone bracelet is made of 100% rubber. It's a good choice for the promotion or advertising. Different size, color and logo can be customized. 8" L x 1/2" W

  • Personalised Wristbands

    Personalised Wristbands

    Silicon Material Personalised bracelet
    Item: Personalised bracelet
    Silicone wristband/bracelet: 0.5" width. Debossed 0.5"/half by 8" or 6" inch silicone wristbands/bracelets are perfect for schools, charity, VIP guest, trade shows parties, sports teams, awareness,...

  • Disposable Wristbands

    Disposable Wristbands

    5 Detachable Stubs Vinyl Disposable Wristbands
    Item: Disposable Wristbands
    These vinyl bracelets, with non-transferable, one time use snap lock closure, provide for added security by preventing tampering or transferring at any event.

  • Flashing Wristbands

    Flashing Wristbands

    LED Light Up Flashing Wristbands
    Item: Flashing Wristbands
    Switch, Button on/off SOUND activated or MOTION activated, Battery, 2pcs CR1625 can flashing 6-8 HOURS. LED bracelet with LED can show your distinguish.

  • PVC Wristbands

    PVC Wristbands

    Laser Cut Design Metal Snap Closure PVC Wristbands
    Item: PVC Wristbands
    This wristband is constructed out of strong PVC band. Guaranteed to stay on in the water, they are perfect for water parks and outdoor events.

  • Cartoon Wristbands

    Cartoon Wristbands

    3D design Soft PVC material Cartoon Wristbands for kids
    Item: Cartoon Wristbands
    Adjustable bands are unique and distinctive, making them a very popular option. The extra width gives you more space for your custom message and logo or other artwork.

  • Engraved Wristbands

    Engraved Wristbands

    Soft PVC Engraved Wristbands
    Item: Engraved Wristbands
    1, PVC Bangle/Bracelete, PVC Wristband;
    2, Logo and size can be designed under your request. Different designs are availabel;

  • Wrist Bands

    Wrist Bands

    Soft PVC Wrist Bands Bracelet
    Item: Wrist Bands
    1.Custom-made available.
    2.Heat-proof;No deformation;Washable;Environment friendly.