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Placemat and Coaster

  • Beverage Coaster

    Beverage Coaster

    Round Shape Soft PVC Beverage Coaster
    Item: Beverage Coaster
    Size: 3 1/2" Diameter
    Phthalate Free,PVC, Round, Circle.

  • Drink Coasters

    Drink Coasters

    Customized Green Soft PVC Drink Coasters
    Item: Drink Coasters
    Size: 3 1/2" Diameter
    Phthalate Free,PVC, Round, Circle.

  • Car Coasters

    Car Coasters

    Full Color Printing Absorbing Car Coasters
    Item: Car Coasters
    Size: 2 5/8" Diameter
    Keeps vehicle cup holders dry by absorbing condensation.

  • Furniture Coasters

    Furniture Coasters

    Cork Material Protecting Furniture Coasters
    Item: Furniture Coasters
    Size: 4" Diameter x 1/8" Thick
    Protects furniture finish.

  • Beer Coasters

    Beer Coasters

    Star Shape Soft PVC Beer Coasters
    Item: Beer Coasters
    Size: 4" x 4"
    Create your own coaster shape and design with PVC plastic material.

  • Wine Coasters

    Wine Coasters

    Bamboo Square Wine Coasters for Glass
    Item: Wine Coasters
    Size: 4 1/2" W x 4 1/2" H
    4" diameter round inset in the center.

  • Cup Coasters

    Cup Coasters

    Soft PVC Heat Proof Cup Coasters
    Item: Cup Coasters
    Size: 3 1/2" D x 1/8" W
    Material: eco friendly PVC

  • Table Coasters

    Table Coasters

    Funny Cartoon Monkey Soft PVC Table Coasters
    Item: Table Coasters
    Size: 11cm
    Material: eco friendly PVC

  • Auto Coasters

    Auto Coasters

    Durable and Economic Fiber Auto Coasters
    Item: Auto Coasters
    Size: 2 5/8" Diameter x 1/8"" Thick
    Made of fiber.

  • Party Coasters

    Party Coasters

    Round Silicone Party Coasters
    Item: Party Coasters
    Size: 3 5/8" L x 1/8" W
    Made of 100% silicone.

  • Bar Coasters

    Bar Coasters

    Promotional Gifts Soft PVC Bar Coasters
    Item: Bar Coasters
    Size: 3" L x 3" W
    Made of high-quality PVC.

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