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Key Chain Types and Uses Jan 10, 2017

Lives in malls everywhere we can see different kinds of key products, this kind of promotional gifts is now very popular, liked by people in every class and purchase,but many buyers on the key chain specific types and uses are not very understanding, well, let us work together to learn more about this product.

Key buckle is divided into PVC soft rubber material, acrylic, zinc alloy and so on material of; soft rubber material of products of uses sex very of widely, can while drops rubber into color more than 10 species color, made Hou products of appearance effect also very of in place, this soft rubber products in today deeply General young of like, can as promotions gift to to people, also can at any time hanging in body Dang jewelry to be decorative himself, this material products can plastic shaped strong, can according to I wants to of size and shape customized, open die fee General also not too your, Most jewelry store this material.

Plexiglass acrylic material products, import data and domestic data, hollow and solid, is lit, the Centre can put colorful paper; resolution hardness of acrylic key ringwear. Current 3H acrylic exterior easy to spend. (Hardness table reference leechoo) after following the ceramic sanitary ware can be made the best of the new information. And traditional of ceramic information compared, acrylic except unparalleled of high light degrees outside, also has following strengths: toughness good, easily damaged; repair sex strong, just with soft bubble dipped points toothpaste on can will ware wipe new; texture soft, winter no cold biting of sense; color gorgeous, can content differences grade of characteristics pursuit, this material of products and has environmental effect, its radiation line and human itself bones of radiation level almost; in life in the is very by people of love.

Zinc alloy key chain is one of the relatively strong metal plasticity, normal appearance after a drop of oil or plating rare metal anti-rust disposal, this material is verygood product, people often hang keys being used more frequently, and are verydurable and practical. As long as we know the types and uses of this product, I willcertainly buy the products they want.