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Lapel Pin and Badges

  • Brooch Pin

    Brooch Pin

    Customize metal soft enamel brooch pin
    Item: Brooch Pin
    Material:zinc alloy
    Technology:Die Cast,Bronze plated,Soft enamel,Butterfly clutch back.

  • Enablem Pins

    Enablem Pins

    Round shape printable metal dentist Enablem Pins
    Item: Enablem Pins
    Material:zinc alloy,iron,copper.
    Technology:Stamping,Die Cast,epoxy,printing,Electroplate(Gold,silver,nickel plated ect).

  • Military Badges

    Military Badges

    Custgom metal silver enamel US military badges
    Item: Military badges
    Process: Stamped / Die casting
    Material: zinc alloy/iron/Brass/stainless steel

  • Volunteer Badges

    Volunteer Badges

    Customize metal soft enamel volunteer badges
    Item: Volunteer Badges
    Material:zinc alloy
    Technology:Die Cast,Gold plated,Soft enamel,Butterfly clutch back.

  • Lapel Pins

    Lapel Pins

    Round shape metal enamel lapel pins
    Item: Lapel Pins
    Material:zinc alloy
    Technology:Die Cast,nickel plated,Soft enamel,Butterfly clutch back.

  • Badge Pins

    Badge Pins

    Motorcycle shaped metal sports badges pins
    Item: Badge Pins
    Material:zinc alloy
    Technology:Die Cast,Nickel plated,Soft enamel,Butterfly clutch back.

  • Pin Badges

    Pin Badges

    Metal pin badge with Diamond
    Item: Pin Badges
    Process: Stamped / Die casting
    Material: zinc alloy/iron/Brass/stainless steel

  • Army Badges

    Army Badges

    Customize metal World War II antique army badges
    Item: Army Badges
    Material:zinc alloy
    Technology:Die cast,Antique bronze plated,Safety pin

  • Badge Emblem

    Badge Emblem

    Zinc alloy soft enamel award pin badges emblems
    Item: Badge emblem
    Material:zinc alloy
    Technology:Die cast,Nickel plated,Butterfly clutch

  • Enamel Badges

    Enamel Badges

    Zinc alloy metal glossy gold soft enamel badges
    Item: Enamel Badges
    Material:zinc alloy,
    Technology:Die Cast,Soft enamel,Gold plated.

  • Enamel Pins

    Enamel Pins

    Enamel round shape sport badge enamel pins
    Item: Enamel Pins
    Material:zinc alloy,
    Technology:Die Cast,Soft enamel,Nickel plated,Butterfly clutch.

  • Round Badges

    Round Badges

    Custom printed logo iron round badges with safety pin
    Item: Round Badges

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