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Soft PVC Items Production Process Jul 25, 2017

 STEP 1---- Mold making

Engraving buyer‘s design onto metal surface.

STEP 2---- Coloring

Coloring: Machines are programmed to carefully filled each color to the molds one by one,  more colors and indentations means more time. The piece is then dried.

Drying:  To prevent defects, a high degree of skill is required in order to keep each color and the correct amount of PVC in the proper area.



STEP 3---- Baking

The metal piece is baked at approximately 350oF for four to five minutes.


STEP 4---- Elimination & inspetction

Waste material is disposed off after the piece has been removed from the mold using tweezers or small scissors.

Meanwhile each piece is inspected strickly to make sure no defectives like distortion, color dyeing, bad baking, ect.



STEP 5---- Attachment

The attachment is affixed to each piece.

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