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PVC fridge magnet can do a gradient color Jan 10, 2017

Fridge Magnet magnetic refrigerator and several different categories such as PVCfridge magnet. Relevant information and it says PVC fridge magnet can do gradient colors, what is the situation? Below we take a look at.

PVC fridge magnet can do gradient colors, this is due to technology decisions, weuse epoxy technology, each color is inside the cylinder are in a separate, when wedo point to the appropriate stencil is different from the color slot, then heating! Each color is separate, and no way to hang out with!

PVC Fridge Magnet Technology advantages of this epoxy is also very obvious, you can do all kinds of plane or solid pattern, and color will never fade, development cost is very low, very promotional order!

Now consumers are like innovation, originality, like a unique product. But other materials refrigerator development costs are high, often million, and low development cost of PVC Fridge Magnet as long as hundreds of Yuan can!

PVC fridge cannot done gradient color of weakness but it has never faded, and low cost. Any things all have advantages and disadvantages, we should make gooduse of its advantages to achieve the value they want.