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Household & Kitchenware

  • Siilicone Cake Bakeware

    Siilicone Cake Bakeware

    Customed Oval Silicone Cake Bakeware
    Item Number: Silicone Cake Bakeware
    Size: 29.3*17cm
    Material: FDA silicone
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  • Siilicone Cake Pan

    Siilicone Cake Pan

    Heart Shape Silicone Cake Pan
    Item Number: Silicone Cake Pan
    Size: 29.5*17.2*3cm
    Unit Weight: 103.7g
    Material: FDA silicone
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  • Siilicone Cake Mold

    Siilicone Cake Mold

    Christmas Tree Silicone Cake Mold
    Item Number: Silicone Cake Mold
    Size: 25.7*17.6*3.2cm
    Unit Weight: 130g
    Material: FDA silicone
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  • Siilicone Cake Tray

    Siilicone Cake Tray

    Snowflake Shape Silicone Cake Tray
    Item Number: Silicone Cake Tray
    Size: 25.9*17.1*3.8cm
    Unit Weight: 133g
    Material: FDA silicone
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  • Paper Coasters

    Paper Coasters

    Low price printing paper coasters
    Item: Paper Coasters
    Size: 10 x 10cm
    Shape: Round, Square or customed.
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  • Leather Coasters

    Leather Coasters

    Debossed Logo Leather Coasters
    Item: Leather Coasters
    Size: 10 x 10cm
    Shape: Round, Square or customed.
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  • Cork Coasters

    Cork Coasters

    Customed Printable Cork Coasters
    Item: Cork Coasters
    Size: 10 x 10cm
    This classic, simple set coasters go with almost any decor.
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  • Acrylic Coasters

    Acrylic Coasters

    Full color Square Acrylic Coasters
    Item: Acrylic Coasters
    Size: 4" L x 4" W
    Shape: Round, Square or customed.
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  • MDF Coasters

    MDF Coasters

    Promotional Table Mat Wooden MDF Coasters
    Item: MDF Coasters
    Size: about 10x10cm
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  • Siilicone Placemat

    Siilicone Placemat

    Silicone PlaceMats in Pumpkin Shape
    Product description:
    Material: 100% food grade silicone
    Size: 22.4*17.7*0.15cm
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  • Puzzle Fridge Magnet

    Puzzle Fridge Magnet

    Paper Puzzle fridge magnet
    Item: Puzzle Fridge Magnet
    Add your custom imprint to these puzzle magnets and pass them out during your next event, A clever way to build brand awareness!
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  • Custom Magnets

    Custom Magnets

    Novetly Dog Shape Soft PVC Custom Magnets
    Item: Custom Magnets
    Colorful and fun with your company name and logo on those popular items.
    Soft and flexible, these items can be created in many shapes and colors.
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