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Garment /bag/ Shoes Accessories

  • White Seal Tags

    White Seal Tags

    White seal tag
    Item Number: CRG-0428217
    Product Name: White seal tag

  • Stamping Plastic Tag

    Stamping Plastic Tag

    Stamping plastic tag
    Item Number: CRG-0428216
    Product Name: Stamping plastic tag

  • Clothing Seal Tags

    Clothing Seal Tags

    Clothing seal tags
    Item Number: CRG-0428215
    Material: plastic
    Size: 33mm x 12mm

  • Clothing Hang Tags

    Clothing Hang Tags

    UV Die Cutting Clothing Hang Tags
    Item Number: CRG-0428164
    Product Name: Clothing Hang Tags
    Material:paper card

  • Clothes Tags

    Clothes Tags

    Silk Screen Printing Matte Lamination Clothes Tags
    Item Number: CRG-0428163
    Product Name: Clothes Tags
    Material:250gsm white paper

  • Paper Tags

    Paper Tags

    Rectangle Paper Tags For Men Women's Clothing
    Item Number: CRG-0428162
    Product Name: Paper Tags
    Material: 350gsm red paper card

  • Clothing Tags

    Clothing Tags

    Offset Printing Black Paper Card Clothing Tags
    Item Number: CRG-0428161
    Product Name: Clothing Tags
    Material: 350gsm black paper card

  • Hangtags


    Glossy Lamination White Paper Card Hangtags For Garment
    Item Number: CRG-0428160
    Product Name: Hangtags
    Material: white paper card

  • Custom Zipper Pulls

    Custom Zipper Pulls

    Molding Custom Zipper Pulls in rubber material
    Item Number: CRG-0428143
    Material: Soft PVC/silicone + metal
    Size: 40mm x 11mm

  • Plastic Zipper Pulls

    Plastic Zipper Pulls

    Plastic Zipper Pulls For Garments/Bags/Luggages
    Item Number: CRG-0428132
    Material: Plastic,PVC, Silicone, Leather, Woven, Embroidery, Printed
    Finish: deboss, emboss,silk-print,embroidery,vintage,laser cut,foil stamp.

  • Zip Sliders

    Zip Sliders

    Plastic Zipper Sliders Blue Rope Ends Lock Zip Clip Buckle For Clothing Backpack Luggage Accessories
    Item Number: CRG-0428116
    Product Name: Zip Sliders
    Material: plastic + rope

  • Zip Pullers

    Zip Pullers

    Painted Edge Leather 5# Zip Pullers
    Item Number: CRG-0428115
    Product Name: Zip Pullers
    Material: leather + 5# Zip Pullers

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