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Crafts and Gifts

  • Gold Medals

    Gold Medals

    Personalized good quality School Gold Medals
    Item: Gold Medals
    Material:zinc alloy
    Size: customized

  • Medal of Honour

    Medal of Honour

    Custom 3D design Czech Republic "Městská policie" Medal Of Honour
    Item: Medal Of Honour
    Material:zinc alloy.
    Size: customized.

  • Commemorative Coins

    Commemorative Coins

    Promotional Classic Commemorative Coins for Gymnastics games
    Item: Commemorative Coins
    Material:zinc alloy
    Size: 50x50mm

  • Challenge Coins

    Challenge Coins

    Antique bronze plated embossed challenge coins
    Item: Challenge Coins
    Material:zinc alloy
    Size: 50x50mm

  • Silver Coins

    Silver Coins

    Light Weight Aluminum Silver Coin
    Item: Silver Coin
    Material: Aluminum Alloy
    Size: 30mm Diameter

  • Gold Coins

    Gold Coins

    Custom design metal material Gold Coins
    Item: Gold Coins
    Material:zinc alloy
    Size: 50x50mm

  • Golden Coins

    Golden Coins

    Customized metal golden coins for souvenirs
    Item: Golden Coins
    Material:zinc alloy
    Size: 50x50mm

  • Metal Luggage Tags

    Metal Luggage Tags

    Laser or Printed Metal Luggage Tags
    Item: Metal Luggage Tags
    Size: 1 2/4" W x 3 1/4" L
    Durable metal luggage tag with obvious address card and robust metal handle strap.

  • Plastic Luggage Tags

    Plastic Luggage Tags

    Customized Hard Plastic Luggage Tags
    Item: Plastic Luggage Tags
    Size: 4.13" W x 2.38" H
    Color coordinate and identify with this durable luggage tag holder!

  • Rubber Luggage Tags

    Rubber Luggage Tags

    Branded Silicone Rubber Luggage Tags
    Item: Rubber Luggage Tags
    Size: 1.5" W x 3" H
    Silicone luggage tag. Eye-catching colors. Highly-visible so that you never loose your luggage.

  • Siilicone Luggage Tags

    Siilicone Luggage Tags

    Printable Silicone Luggage Tags
    Item: Silicone Luggage Tags
    Size: 4 3/8" L x 2 3/8" W
    Our silicone luggage tag is ideal to identify one luggage from another.

  • PVC Luggage Tags

    PVC Luggage Tags

    Custom Soft PVC Luggage Tag For Traveling
    Item: PVC Luggage Tags
    These luggage Tag enjoy a clear plastic window that protects a label with lines for identifying Your Name, Address and Telephone.

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