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Crafts and Gifts

We are professional crafts and gifts suppliers in China, mainly engaged in producing various high quality garment accessories. Please feel free to buy best selling crafts and gifts at cheap price from our factory.
  • Gold Medals

    Gold Medals

    Personalized good quality School Gold Medals
    Item: Gold Medals
    Material:zinc alloy
    Size: customized

  • Medal of Honour

    Medal of Honour

    Custom 3D design Czech Republic "Městská policie" Medal Of Honour
    Item: Medal Of Honour
    Material:zinc alloy.
    Size: customized.

  • Commemorative Coins

    Commemorative Coins

    Promotional Classic Commemorative Coins for Gymnastics games
    Item: Commemorative Coins
    Material:zinc alloy
    Size: 50x50mm

  • Challenge Coins

    Challenge Coins

    Antique bronze plated embossed challenge coins
    Item: Challenge Coins
    Material:zinc alloy
    Size: 50x50mm

  • Silver Coins

    Silver Coins

    Light Weight Aluminum Silver Coin
    Item: Silver Coin
    Material: Aluminum Alloy
    Size: 30mm Diameter

  • Gold Coins

    Gold Coins

    Custom design metal material Gold Coins
    Item: Gold Coins
    Material:zinc alloy
    Size: 50x50mm

  • Golden Coins

    Golden Coins

    Customized metal golden coins for souvenirs
    Item: Golden Coins
    Material:zinc alloy
    Size: 50x50mm

  • Metal Luggage Tags

    Metal Luggage Tags

    Laser or Printed Metal Luggage Tags
    Item: Metal Luggage Tags
    Size: 1 2/4" W x 3 1/4" L
    Durable metal luggage tag with obvious address card and robust metal handle strap.

  • Plastic Luggage Tags

    Plastic Luggage Tags

    Customized Hard Plastic Luggage Tags
    Item: Plastic Luggage Tags
    Size: 4.13" W x 2.38" H
    Color coordinate and identify with this durable luggage tag holder!

  • Rubber Luggage Tags

    Rubber Luggage Tags

    Branded Silicone Rubber Luggage Tags
    Item: Rubber Luggage Tags
    Size: 1.5" W x 3" H
    Silicone luggage tag. Eye-catching colors. Highly-visible so that you never loose your luggage.

  • Siilicone Luggage Tags

    Siilicone Luggage Tags

    Printable Silicone Luggage Tags
    Item: Silicone Luggage Tags
    Size: 4 3/8" L x 2 3/8" W
    Our silicone luggage tag is ideal to identify one luggage from another.

  • PVC Luggage Tags

    PVC Luggage Tags

    Custom Soft PVC Luggage Tag For Traveling
    Item: PVC Luggage Tags
    These luggage Tag enjoy a clear plastic window that protects a label with lines for identifying Your Name, Address and Telephone.

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